How do I place an order?

To place your order(s), kindly access the cart from our website. Once you have seen the items you like, click on it to be sure then add to cart, and as many items over and over. Click on checkout on the Beauty Additions Cart then click on Complete my Shopping and login as an existing member or register as a new member. After you have reviewed your order click on place your order button to submit order.

Is there a minimum order amount I can place?

NO. There is no limit to your purchasing order

How can I make a change to my order?

If you made a mistake on your order or would just like to change something, please email us at shop@beautyadditions.com  OR call 08099167085 to let us know. If your order has not been sent out to our address within this period, we might be able to make the change(s) for you. Please include the name the order was placed under, the shipping address and contact number, and what you would like changed for processing.

How do I confirm that my order has been received?

Within a few moments after you submit your order, we will confirm to you by email that we have received your order and also confirm to you by email when we receive your payment. Your order will be confirmed and processed for delivery right after we have received the payment.

Why didn't I receive a confirmation email?

Some email providers mark our confirmation emails as spam or block them completely. You can check your spam folder to see if the email arrived there. If you are not able to find it there you can email shop@beautyadditions.com and we can confirm that the order was placed.


What payment methods do you accept?

Option I.

Online payment using your Interswitch/Verve debit card or mastercard. >>> Click On VoguePay on our cart and your preferred card when entering your card details

Option II.

Bank deposit (available to customers within and outside Lagos)

Details of payment:  

A/C Name Beadazzle Enterprises
A/C No: 0010343161
Bank Name GTB
Details to be on the Teller: Name of Person whose name is on the order form

Note:If you get to the bank late, your payment might not be credited that day, thus not enabling us to confirm your order immediately.


Service ChargesFor customers within Lagos that desire the pay on delivery option, this will attract a NGN500.00 charge and customers outside Lagos, a delivery charge of N3 000.00 made payable alongside total cost of orders made.

How long will it take my orders to get to me from the day I place an order?

For customers within Lagos, your orders will be processed and delivered within 72hours after confirmation.

For Customers outside Lagos, once we have received confirmation of payment which is usually the same day delivery will be made to you within  2-5 days.

NOTE:Delivery Time: Between 9:00am – 5:00pm (Mondays - Fridays)

Do I need any form of identification on delivery of the goods?

We will need you to present a valid form of identification (stated below), which matches the option you indicated when placing the order, on delivery of the goods to you by the courier company. Kindly ensure that the details on your order form matches the details on the means of identification that will be provided.

* Accepted valid means of identification International Passport,  Valid Driver's License,  National Identity (ID) Card OR Any other form of Valid ID card

What happens to my goods if on delivery I am not around in person to collect?

In the event that you are not available at the given address which you have asked us to deliver to, we will require you to have informed us stating the name of person to collect package on your behalf. What shipping methods are available and how much do they cost? We ship via FedEx, UPS or DHL and shipping fees of items are shown above. Local delivery fee for orders within Lagos is N500.00


I was sent the wrong item/I was sent a defective item.

If you received the wrong item or it is defective, please contact us at shop@beautyadditions.com with your Pre-order ID or Purchase ID, and we will take care of it for you. If you have any question that have not been addressed here or you have some other concern please let us know at shop@beautyadditions.com or Call our Customer Care lines: 08099167085